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Ham Radio 2.0: Episode 118 - Ailuance HD-1 Dual Band DMR HT Debut

Help a Ham Christmas 2017

Help a Ham Christmas 2017

It is Christmas. Let's get together and help someone this year. Do you know of a ham that needs a little help this year? It can be a new ham , an old ham or a very young ham. We want to help them get some gear this Christmas. First, to nominate someone please email their call sign, name , address, phone number and even email address to . Please be sure to include a little bit about the ham in need and why they need a little help this year. It is perfectly OK to nominate yourself but we may have to do a little verification so we made need some references if you are in need yourself. All Nominations must be in by 12-16-17
Second, we have created this "product" on our page right here. This "Help a ham" Product only costs $1.00 . You do not have to know anyone  that needs help to do this. You can buy one or as many as you want. You will get a receipt for your purchase. This is probably not tax deductible 
Around December 20th we will start looking at all of the "nominations." Our panel of Judges (the employees of MTC) will pick a winner
We will total up all of the dollars spent and we will kick in $500.  We will donate one hundred percent of the dollars raised minus any of the credit card/paypal fees, which should average three percent, toward the purchase price (at dealer cost) of any products we sell or can acquire. We will also be in contact with a few manufacturers to see if they can do anything to make this money go as far as possible. We will try and find out what kind of gear this lucky ham needs and get it to him or her for Christmas. We will post the dollar amount raised on our site and on our facebook page as well as announce the winner. We would also like to announce all of the folks that donated on our page and on our facebook page. Please include your callsign if you have one. If you would rather remain anonymous just type that in the order comments. We may change something up here to keep it legal and all so check back often. If you make this purchase you will not receive anything other than a receipt via email. You may however get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you helped some ham at Christmas
This product does not count for free shipping

Flash Deal! Two TYT MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Mobile Radios

Main Trading Company TYT MD9600
 Flash Deal! Two TYT MD-9600 Dual Band DMR Mobile Radios

Price: $419.95 or just $9.99/month

Kevlar Core Carbon Fiber Round Tube ~ 0.5″ ID x 72″Tubing (many other sizes available) *Engineered Custom Fabrication and Mil Spec Grade options available. For extremely brutal high wind and sub freezing cold weather conditions High altitude Repeater Station antenna weather shielding. Perfect match for the SG7900A hi-Gain UHF/VHF Dual band Antenna